Every moment matters and is worth a yearbook.

At Theyearbook we turn your annual activities into unforgettable memories for generations to come. A hundred years from now, posterity will still marvel as they revel and enjoy your incredible moments captured in our yearbooks, both in print and digital formats. Human life matters, it is wondrous and that is why we do what we do. To capture a moment is to give it immortality and future relevance. We have made it affordable, convenient, and worthwhile to curate your special moments into a yearbook. Whether you are a family with some pictures that you wish to turn into a photobook, a school that wants to preserve its annual achievements, a business that wants to show-off its awesome staff, a church, political party, or sports club that wishes to canvass its work to its followers, we have just the right concept and publishing strategy.

“In the life of any individual, family, community or society memory is of fundamental importance. It is the fabric of identity” Nelson Mandela


We service the following client segments:

• Schools and other educational institutions.
• Religious organisations like churches etc.
• Private businesses.
• Families and couples special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc)
• Political parties.
• Sports clubs.


Benefits of a yearbook?

• Longevity.
• Fundraising capability.
• Durability.
• Skill development.
• Advertising.
• Mass communication.
• Publicity.


Provide legacy advertising to businesses while empowering our communities
One of the most critical factors that make publishing a yearbook for your organisation fulfilling is the opportunity to monetize these special moments. This is even more important for schools and nonprofit organisations who are looking at creative ways of fundraising. Because the yearbook is a souvenir publication that is passed down from one generation to the next, it provides unmatched advertising and publicity opportunities. We provide the tools, mentorship and support to enable the organisations yearbook committees to source advertising successfully and efficiently.