Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally a yearbook is a collection of all the annual activities of a learning institution. However, we have extended the yearbook to cover any person or group of persons who want to curate their annual activities in a dignified and durable format like the yearbook.

Besides being a more respectable and lasting way to curate your best memories, the yearbook provides especially for non-profits like schools and churches the best way to monetise this asset in order to achieve their developmental ambitions.
This will depend on the number of pages and overall quantity of yearbooks ordered; the minimum being 50 copies and with no maximum limit. For our non-profits, the cost of the yearbooks is often subsidised by as much as 50% by our local and multi-national business partnerships.
The yearbooks are more relevant now than before, as more and more people and organisations a looking for a sustainable and meaningful way to make an impact in the age of constant-scrolling and 1-minute disposable media. As opposed to any social media post you may have posted, the yearbook is your lifetime property, whereas your social media account and posts aren’t really your property and neither is the platform that you use to post them.
The short answer would be, anyone is worth moments to be cherished and remembered by both peers and posterity. The long is, schools, churches, companies, celebrities, sports clubs, political parties, business leaders, non-profits and you can even produce a yearbook for your pet!
A newspaper you read for a day and throw away, a newspaper usually for a month before a new one arrives and then it goes to the rubbish bin, a social media post, well there are several posts at any given time and so the most if 10 seconds while you zoom the picture etc and it too is old news. A yearbook, on the other hand, is for life and generations to come after you.
Yes, through, we have an online version of your yearbook that only you and those you give your login details can access forever.
The yearbook is a year-long process, as the name states, it is a collection of all your annual moments; however, after we have all the content you wish to publish the process can take anything from 4 weeks to 8.
As a policy and for safety, all yearbook hard copies are delivered by our designated courier company at the address that is provided when making the order. It is then the responsibility of the Yearbook Team to distribute the copies to all those who ordered them.
A yearbook although in essence a photo book, is in fact more than that, it requires content to be provided that relates to the event or organisation for whom we are publishing the yearbook.  Obviously, this will differ from project to project and is directed by the Yearbook Team.