Whether it be a prom night for your school, a sports competition or debating contest; whether it be a baby shower or a wedding celebration; whether it be an eventful sports year for a soccer club or an incredible one for a church, business, or political party, you want these occasions to be seen, known, and remembered. Theyearbook is an enterprise like no other, we do cherish these moments in your life and pride ourselves in making sure that they are given the place they deserve in history. Through a simple and intuitive free consultation process we are able to work out who you are and how you would like your occasion, school, company, club or organization to be remembered.

“One evening I was in a bar and told my friends ‘in high school I was the best runner and debater’. They asked credulously, ‘show us’. I was confused. ‘How? It was 20 years ago’. They replied, ‘where is your yearbook’? Alas, we had no yearbooks at my township schools. ” Anonymous


Yearbooks for all learning institutions
The original inspiration for publishing yearbooks was to preserve the legacy of many unrecorded public schools, especially from black and rural communities. Secondly and equally important was to find a way of using the digital and print school yearbooks as a means to raise funds towards a school's developmental needs. Facilitating the preservation of this proud and often sidelined history remains the primary motivation for our yearbook publications. Very few black African public schools have had the opportunity to tell their stories and preserve their histories through yearbooks. Our services assist in the conceptualisation, design, monetisation and publication of school yearbooks for the over 20000 public schools across South Africa.


Yearbooks for religious institutions
Besides family, the church is one of the most socially important institutions in society. It is a place of comfort, inspiration and fraternity. It also happens to be a place where different members of society from various backgrounds come together with one mutual intention - worship. We understand the importance of this form of fellowship and our services for this sector emphasise the need for mutual benefit and growth. We conceptualise, design, monetise and publish church yearbooks that can be cherished for years to come. We focus on the community development aspects of churches and how digital and print assets can assist in helping to achieve these objectives.


Yearbooks for political organizations
It goes without saying that all parts of modern human life a touched and shaped by its politics and politicians. Many areas of society including but not limited to socio-economic factors are affected by politics. Our services in this area, seek to preserve the political and social role and legacy that political parties play. Over and above that, these annual activities of the parties are preserved and monetized for the benefit the parties constituency and mandate. With the introduction of the Political Funding Act of 2019, there has been a drying up of donations by businesses and high-net individuals. As a result, we have had instances where political parties like the ANC found themselves unable to pay their salaries. Digital and traditional media are some of the creative ways in which funds can be raised consistently, anonymously and within the prescripts of the law.


Yearbooks for sporting organisations
Few events in society bring different peoples across races, genders, religions and even geographical spaces like sports. It was our former President who said " "Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination." We are dedicated to the preservation of these powerful and inspiring moments through digital and print yearbooks which can serve as souvenirs for both players and fans alike. Sport yearbooks can also be used by the sports clubs to build their brands and give back to society through our legacy fundraising model.


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If you are interested in our monetisation solutions through print and digital yearbook publishing then there is a simple sign up process.
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We then assist you in setting up a functional Yearbook Team that will drive the development of the yearbook and its monetization.
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A crucial part of this transaction is corporate social investment. Our company will source and manage these corporate sponsor relations.
Once the contracts, sponsorships and advertising are finalized we move to conceptualisation, design and pre-production of the yearbook in both print and digital mediums.
Once the production process is concluded, we provide all key stakeholders with an opportunity to suggest final alterations to the completed print and digital copy before final sign-off.
The final stage is the publication and management of the published assets. An account manager is assigned to help you to leverage these published assets for developmental outcomes.